Starting Business English Video

Course học gồm có 20 bài học, mỗi bài có vài tình huống rất tốt cho việc thực hành kinh doanh hằng ngày. Giáo trình gồm có 3 ebook, 20 bài học. Đây là giáo trình về anh văn thương mại rất nổi tiếng của BBC.
The course consists of 20 lessons, each of which dealt with certain situations, as well as providing key tools and language issues that arise in daily business practices. Language texts – a modern colloquial English.
The set includes:
1. The manual (CB)
2. A Guide for Teachers (TB)
3. The allowance for self-employment (WB)
4. Audio
5. Video
“The benefit for the self-service” contains an explanation to all exercises, placed in the “manual”. In the “Guide for Teachers” are the key words each lesson, proposals that are used in the lesson, as well as audio – and video scripts.
Level Elementary – Intermediate.
Contents / Contents
1. How to introduce, greet / Introducing yourself
2. How to respond to phone calls / Using the telephone
3. How to appoint a meeting / Making appointments
4. How do I take a visitor / Receiving visitors
5. How to describe products / Describing your company’s products
6. Travel, travel / Making travel arrangements
7. Staying in a hotel / staying at a hotel
8. How do visitors to the company / showing visitors around the Company
9. How to explain the working principle of something / Explaining how something works
10. The change of plans and arrangements / Rescheduling plans and arrangements
11. How to analyze competitors / Analysing your competitors
12. How to write a business letter and submit information / Business letters and presenting information
13. Business Travel / Travelling on business
14. Presentation of products / Presenting product
15. How to receive and entertain visitors / Entertaining visitors
16. How to express dissatisfaction with the quality of products, services / Complaining about products and services
17. How to compare products and prices / Comparing products and prices
18. How to negotiate a price / Negotiating prices
19. How to arrange for the supply / Negotiating delivery
20. How to deal / Concluding a deal The course is a film of 20 interesting, exciting parts.
Video still lay 7 lessons, as well as a large amount we have. Over the weekend will try to lay out the remainder of video lessons. Sounds good, but the picture is not so. The course launched in 1997 and digitized with VHS.


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