Scientific American – August 2009

The August 2009 issue of Scientific American
Cover; August 2009; by The Editors; 1 Page(s)
Table of Contents; August 2009; by Staff Editor; 3 Page(s)
 From the Editor; August 2009; by Mariette DiChristina; 1 Page(s)
Species and Spaces
Letters; August 2009; by Staff Editor; 2 Page(s)
PTSD; Expanding Universe; Motion Sickness
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago; August 2009; by Daniel C. Schlenoff; 1 Page(s)
Making Waves; Flying into History; Looting Gold
Updates; August 2009; by Daniel C. Schlenoff; 1 Page(s)
Quasicrystals; Billion-Year Memory Drive; Stem Cells from Proteins; Mars Rovers
The Third Way; August 2009; by Michael Moyer; 2 Page(s)
Will a boom in government investment bring true high-speed rail to the U.S.?
Night Stalker; August 2009; by Peter Brown; 2 Page(s)
No end in sight for the bat-killing white nose syndrome
Stumbling Over Data; August 2009; by David Appell; 2 Page(s)
Do minor errors erode public support on climate issues?
Salvia on Schedule; August 2009; by David Jay Brown; 2 Page(s)
New rules on a mind-altering herb could slow medical research
Hypersphere Exotica; August 2009; by Davide Castelvecchi; 2 Page(s)
A 45-year-old problem on higher-dimensional spheres is solved—probably
Cloaking Made Simpler; August 2009; by John Matson; 2 Page(s)
Invisibility without sophisticated metamaterials
Weak Link; August 2009; by Kate Wong; 2 Page(s)
Skepticism about a fossil cast as a missing link in human ancestry
News Scan Briefs; August 2009; by Charles Q. Choi; Katherine Harmon; John Matson; 1 Page(s)
Killer Smile; Nitro Burn; Skin So Bacterial; Caribou Hunting in Lake Huron; Liquid Flowing Up
Cancer Clue from Down Syndrome; August 2009; by Charles Q. Choi; 1 Page(s)
A Seedy Practice; August 2009; by The Editors; 1 Page(s)
Scientists must ask seed companies for permission before publishing independent research on genetically modified crops. That restriction must end
Good News on Malaria Control; August 2009; by Jeffrey D. Sachs; 1 Page(s)
The best price for getting antimosquito bed nets to the poor proves to be “free”
Shakespeare, Interrupted; August 2009; by Michael Shermer; 1 Page(s)
The anti-Stratfordian skeptics are back, and this time they have a Supreme Court justice on their side
Waste Management; August 2009; by Steve Mirsky; 1 Page(s)
Tips for the kind of gas mileage you really want
Twilight of the Neandertals; August 2009; by Kate Wong; 6 Page(s)
Paleoanthropologists know more about Neandertals than any other extinct human. But their demise remains a mystery, one that gets curiouser and curiouser
Adventures in Curved Spacetime; August 2009; by Eduardo Guйron; 8 Page(s)
The possibility of “swimming” and “gliding” in curved, empty space shows that, even after nine decades, Einstein’s theory of general relativity continues to amaze
What Now for Nuclear Waste?; August 2009; by Matthew L. Wald; 8 Page(s)
Yucca Mountain was supposed to be the answer to the U.S.’s nuclear waste problem, but after 22 years and $9 billion, that vision is dead. Now some say that doing nothing in the near term may be the smartest solution
Surprises from Celiac Disease; August 2009; by Alessio Fasano; 8 Page(s)
Study of a potentially fatal food-triggered disease has uncovered a process that may contribute to many autoimmune disorders
An Iron Key to High-Temperature Superconductivity?; August 2009; by Graham P. Collins; 8 Page(s)
The discovery that compounds known as iron pnictides can superconduct at 50 degrees above absolute zero has reignited physicists’ quest for better high-temperature superconductors and may offer clues to unlocking a 20-year mystery
A New Kind of Drug Target; August 2009; by Melinda Wenner; 6 Page(s)
An emerging class of medicines works its magic by targeting unusual sites on biological molecules
Recommended; August 2009; by Kate Wong; 1 Page(s)
Celestial Views; Bigfoot Pursuits; Scientific Twitterers
Ask the Experts; August 2009; by Herman Merte; 1 Page(s)
How does bathwater well below the boiling point give off steam?

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