Longman Student CD-ROM 3.0 for the Computer Based TOEFL Test

The Longman Student CD-ROM is an interactive practice tool linked to the book in coverage, but with all different content, no test items or tests are repeated from the book.

The Student CD-ROM includes:
* Over 800 practice questions covering all the language skills tested in the TOEFL Test.
* Almost 900 additional questions in section tests and complete tests designed to simulate the computer adaptivity, timing, and scoring of the computer-based test.
* Pop-up explanations for all practice and test items.
* Scoring and record-keeping functions to monitor student progress.

Installing and Launching the Program :
To begin the Longman Student program, you must first install Java and QuickTime on the computer. Please follow the instructions for Macintosh below for installing Java, the Longman Student program, and QuickTime. For Windows, this is a one-step installation. Read these instructions completely before proceeding.

Note: Once the program is installed, the CD-ROM must be in the CD-ROM drive when you use the program.

Windows: One-step installation

Put the Longman Student CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

If the program does not automatically install, follow these instructions:

Make sure the Longman Student CD-ROM is in the CD-ROM drive.
Click on the Start Button. Select Run. Select Browse. Select the Install icon. Click Open. Click OK.
When the installation is complete, begin the program.

If you do not already have QuickTime, or if you have a version earlier than 5.0, QuickTime 5.0 will be automatically installed on your system.

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