New Scientist – 31 May 2008

This Week
* New contenders emerge for dark matter title
* Huge haul of Earth-like planets found
* World’s oldest embryo found in fossilised fish
* Telltale DNA sucked out of household dust
* Stress increases risk of stillbirth
* ‘Hot’ photons cast dark energy into the light
* Thoughts of death make us eat more cookies
* Finnish epidemic offers clues to diabetes
* Exotic nitrogen could offer safe rocket fuel
* Obesity helps mice fend off malariaUpfront
* Next generation of nukes may not happen
* Rise in US childhood obesity flattens out
* Mice ascend Everest to combat doping in sport
* Tropical forests axed in favour of palm oil
* Phoenix Mars lander’s first images reveal a quilted surface
* Nipping dangerous drugs in the bud
* Foot-and-mouth lab should stay on island


In Brief
* Mating is a dance of death for spiders
* Chameleons only half-hide from colour-blind predators
* From big earthquakes, little tremors grow
* Social interactions in flies reverse ageing effects
* Nearby galaxies are chock-full of dark matter
* Childhood lead exposure leads to crime
* Earth sunshade would not rewind the climate
* Friendly bacteria to the rescue

* Google health website raises privacy fears
* Secret messages could be hidden in net phone calls
* Birth pangs for the ‘semantic web’
* Motion-capture without the markers
* Gizmo
* Spy satellites to be equipped for laser attacks
* Arctic freeze a breeze for superstrong steel

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