The Encyclopedia of the English Language

This attractive resource is organized thematically in segments covering the history of the English language (Old English, Middle English, Modern English, English in different parts of the world); English vocabulary (its nature, structure, sources, etymology, and the dimensions of the lexicon); English grammar (structure of words and sentences, definitions of the main branches of grammar); spoken and written English; English usage (varieties of discourse and regional, social, and personal usage variations); and how people learn English and new ways to study English. Appendixes include a glossary, a list of symbols and abbreviations, references and addresses, further readings, and indexes of names, items, and topics.
• The most successful general book on the English language (its past, present and future)
• Packed with illustrations, maps, tables and graphics
• Difficult concepts explained in a simple and accessible way Contents Prefaces;
1. Modelling English;
Part I. The History of English:
2. The origins of English;
3. Old English;
4. Middle English;
5. Early Modern English;
6. Modern English;
7. World English;
Part II. English Vocabulary:
8. The nature of the lexicon;
9. The sources of the lexicon;
10. Etymology;
11. The structure of the lexicon;
12. Lexical dimensions;
Part III. English Grammar:
13. Grammatical mythology;
14. The structure of words;
15. Word classes;
16. The structure of sentences;
Part IV. Spoken and Written English:
17. The sound system;
18. The writing system;
Part V. Using English:
19. Varieties of discourse;
20. Regional variation;
21. Social variation;
22. Personal variation;
23. Electronic variation;
Part VI. Learning about English:
24. Learning English as a mother tongue;
25. New ways of studying English; Appendices; Indexes.



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