Double your Reading Speed in Ten Minutes

Double your Reading Speed in Ten Minutes

Author: Paul Scheele
Publisher: Learning Strategies Corporation
File size: 10122 KB
File type: mp3

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I have found some interesting reviews:

“You settle down with the cassette, a sample book and a pencilto measure your speed. You measure your reading speed once before’enlightenment’, he then enlightens you with the technique, and you measure yourself again.
For me – I really did double my speed, without having to do that finger-pointing thing! The whole tape really is just 10 mins long, which makes …[it] seem a lot of money, but then the technique seems to work. Needs practice though, or you slip back to old ways… Probably worth a try if (like me) you lose patience with the long rambling speed reading books on the market.”

“Want to try an experiment? Got ten minutes that may change the way you read forever? Then get a hold of the audio book that has helped me increase my reading and comprehension in just 10 minutes. I will admit I was very skeptical about trying anything that takes 10 minutes, however after listening to the tape and then practicing, I was amazed by the results. My reading has nearly double in 1 day. Follow Paul Scheele’s easy three step method, which includes the “tangerine” method of relaxation and you’ll see a marked improvement in reading skills in a matter of minutes – tem minutes!”

“OK; I’ll admit I was a tad skeptical when I came across this item. Somewhere in the back of my mind, that old maxim about ‘if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ was trying to make itself heard. Fortunately, the part of my mind responsible for reading the three or more books per week for my graduate classes politely informed that maxim to shut up and I ordered it. I am utterly amazed; in the ten minutes I spent listening to the tape for the first time, right after it came out of the box, my reading speed went from 11 lines in 20 seconds (Mr. Scheele times you) to 24 lines in 20 seconds after he went over the technique. And that’s on fairly complex historical theory, might I add. If I ever had time for pleasure reading, I could probably go faster than that. This little tape draws on powers you don’t even realize your brain has, and the results are staggering. One last thing — there’s no noticable loss of comprehension, either. I realize that some people experience different results, just as I realized that when I ordered this item. But if you go at it with an open mind, you never know what your brain might accomplish. Try it!!! ”



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