Effective English for Kids (34.5MB)

File size: 34.5 mb
File type: exe

Here you see is Effective-English, a great and easy way to learn the Basics of English from a native English speaker. All elements in this program are designed to make you think and understand better, without being consciously aware of learning them. * Essential literacy and numeric skills. Features up to 160 various items to learn. There are great pictures, which help describe the words you are learning.
* Help is available in both English and Korean.
* Proper speech of the Words and Alphabet from native speaker.
* There are a variety of fun exercises, which focus on words and spelling along with word and picture association. Build up a catalog of essential words as well as learning sentences to use them.
* Ability to learn and hear the Alphabet. Examples of words with pictures are given.
* Learn to write the Alphabet in both “UPPERCASE” and “lowercase ” characters to show how to write them correctly.
* There are two languages, British English and American English.

Play games such as :
* Pictures and Words (hangman style game)
* English Picture Flash Cards
* Find a Matching Pair
* Learn and build numbers.


Part 1 : http://ifile.it/io0m215

Part 2 : http://ifile.it/8h1nl9t


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