GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day (2008)

Author: LearningExpress Staff
Publisher: LearningExpress, LLC
File size: 1.15 MB (160 pages)
File type: rar/pdf

This is a new addition to the best-selling series – Success in 20 Minutes a Day. Grammar Success provides 20 lessons that promote an in-depth understanding of grammar in a short amount of time. This is full of practical yet fun exercises covering all the fundamentals of grammar rules.

Mastery of English grammar is achieved only through practice, practice, and more practice. There are so many rules and so many exceptions to the rules that understanding grammar seems like a daunting task. However, any piece of writing is only as strong as its conventions – you must comprehend grammar in order to succeed in school, on standardized tests, and in the workplace. This book helps you fine-tune grammar essentials with quick but thorough lessons that take only 20 minutes a day!

– Pretest – Pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses
– Lessons – Hundreds of practice exercises in test format covering ALL VITAL GRAMMAR SKILLS, from dealing with noun and verb agreement to knowing when to use a comma, colon, or semicolon
– Posttest – Showing you the progress you’ve made



LESSON 1 Kinds of Nouns
LESSON 2 Noun Usage
LESSON 3 Pronouns

LESSON 4 Verb Types
LESSON 5 Regular and Irregular Verbs
LESSON 6 Verb Forms and Tenses

LESSON 7 Adjectives
LESSON 8 Adverbs
LESSON 9 Prepositions
LESSON 10 Misplaced Modifiers and Tricky Words

LESSON 11 Sentence Basics
LESSON 12 Agreement
LESSON 13 Phrases
LESSON 14 Clauses
LESSON 15 Conjunctions
LESSON 16 Combining Sentences

LESSON 17 End Punctuation
LESSON 18 Internal Punctuation I
LESSON 19 Internal Punctuation II
LESSON 20 Internal Punctuation III


One thought on “GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day (2008)

  1. bạn ơi, mình đã down file trên nhưng mà k có pass. bạn có thể gửi cho mình biết cái pass đc k? cám ơn bạn nhiều lắm

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